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CarPlay BMW X5 retrofit 2015 

CarPlay BMW X5 retrofit 2015

CarPlay BMW X5 retrofit 2015.  
CarPlay for BMW X5 F15 is Apple's communications solution that lets you sync your iPhone with your car. You will see the familiar IOS interface on your screen in the car. Music, podcasts, audio books, maps, push notifications, calls and SMS will be available directly from the factory multimedia interface. And you don’t even have to get your phone out of your pocket. Instant synchronization of a mobile device with a car will surprise you with its homogeneous nature. CarPlay for BMW X5 F15 was created not only for convenient synchronization, but also for safety. The driver should not be distracted by the smartphone while driving. After all, using a telephone is traditional, holding it in your hand or simply casting a glance at the screen in a car are two different things. In addition to controlling via the screen, the system also supports voice commands.

Apple CarPlay for BMW X5 F15  

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