How to upgrade CarPlay for BMW series  

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Upgrade Apple CarPlay for BMW F30/F31/F32/F34/F36 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Retrofit. How to install. 

Brief describe 

1. disconnect the battery 

2. take off the radio and screen 

3. setup DIP switches at the interface. 1 and 2 always ON. number 3 is depends from size of screen. See the picture below 

4. If factory radio has 1DIN size then you can put the interface under factory radio, if the radio has 2 DIN size then you will need to find right place for the interface, as usually it's plastic panel over the driver's feet    

4. Make connect for  LVDS cables (connection behind the screen, take attention, see below) 

5. Take off the power main plug from the radio and take from there Fiber Optic cable, unwind factory electrical tape to release fiber optic cable and install it to the new plug.  

6. Make connect for main plugs.

7. Make install for USB cable in the accessible place   

8. Make sure that LVDS cables are connected right. 

9. AUX - see below, as usually for BMW after 2014 you don't connect it.  

1. How take off the factory stereo for BMW F30? Youtube

Prepare before the installation: 

1. Turn off the battery

2. Take off the factory radio, carefully (watch the link on YouTube)

3. Make sure that Toggle Switches installed right. (screen size and etc.)

5. Take off the main plug behind the radio. Take off from the main plug orange tubes (fiber optic) and put it to new the plug which provided. Unravel the factory insulating tape at the factory wiring harness to release the fiber optic cable and allow it to move freely.   

5. Put the radio plug to the new plug which provided and install it to the radio.

6. Make connection for LVDS cable (behind the screen. It's "OUT" from the interface. And use "IN" on the interface for factory LVDS cable.

6.1 AUX. There are some cars you need to connect AUX jack to factory AUX input. Do you need this connection or no can be checked easly. 
a) start CarPlay through Bluetooth connection or with using USB cable  
b) you will need to set source of sound for AUX (button MODE at steering wheel audio control) and start any music from your iphone. If there is no sound then you make connect AUX output jack from the interface to factory AUX input which is located in the glovbox of central consol


7. We done with the connections.   

8. Make sure that all plugs are connected including factory from dashboard. Connect the battery. Turn on ACC and the factory screen does on. Push and hold 3 seconds the menu button on the central console. There will appear the CarPlay interface menu.

There you need to make connection for bluetooth and allow to use Wireless CarPlay. Just follow for signs in the menu.  

  • ADDIO Key has no effect

  • Menu key Press and hold 3s to switch carplay to the original car interface

  • Press and hold Phone button 3s to call up siri

  • Knob button same as the original

  • Back key - Same as the original

  • Option key has no effect

9. Original car button function CarPlay decoder function

  • volume is consistent with the original car

  • sound input button / press for 3 seconds to wake up siri

  • the phone button Same as the original car

10. Choose language (default is China)

11. Allow your iPhone to use Wireless CarPlay and USB 

12. Apple AirPlay link function introduction

  • click on the AirPlay option in the main menu and the following prompt appears 

  • find the corresponding SSID in the phone Wi-Fi such as Gplink_b5b876, enter a password 8888888. On a phone make select AirPlay in the menu option that is pulled out and then click the appropriate device to complete mirroring. The image was successful.

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