Radio upgrade for BMW 1S E81, E82, E88 2006 - 2012 m/AC

Radio upgrade for BMW 1S E81, E82, E88 2006 - 2012 m/AC


Aftermarket screen BMW 1S E81 E82 E87 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 

GPS navigation screen / radio upgrade 6.2".


Note: for manual AC


Brand: CarPlayTech

OS: Android 9.0 

General Description
PX5 module uses 64 bit architecture, 8 core Cortex-A53 CPU processor, Android 9.0 operating system, abundant peripheral interface


- touch screen intertaiment multimedia head unit designed special for your car

- Apple CarPlay via wireless/wired dongle (optional) 

- at lower power consumption at power on it support sleep mode, starting is up a few seconds
- 64 bit 8 core Cortex-A53 CP, 1.5GHz
- power VR SGX6110 GPU 
- memory RAM DDR3

- capacity ROM 2GB
- applied eMMC high speed flash

- ROM 32GB 


- backup camera, front camera and etc.

- video / audio outputs  
- screen resolution 800*480 & 1024*600 
- portrait screen resolution 1280*960 & 1024*720
- video format: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, AVS, VC-1, VP8, MVC
- capacitive touch screen (supported study calibration function)
- built-in GPS & GLONASS dual satellite location  
- driving recorder function 
- a variety of audio formats 
- upgrade via SD or USB port 


Electrical specifications:
- input voltage: 3.8~5.5V, recommended voltage 5V 
- maximum input current: 2200mA
- sleep current: about 7 mA 
- working temperature: -30~+75℃

- forbid with electricity to mounting and dismounting of the module
- all of external interface (SD-CARD, USB, etc.) need add ESD protective  devices

Full tech support 100% | installation or help you with it  | warranty 12 months    



1. If you are not sure about fits, take a picture of a dashboard (radio + screen) and send it to

2. This unit does not support OEM backup camera. There are two ways:

- find OEM wires of backup camera (video signal + power). Make connect aftermarket RCA plug (male) to the OEM video signal wires. You need to get a power converter 12V to 6V. (OEM camera has power +6 or 12V) + correct connection and that's it.  

- Get an aftermarket camera. 

3. The product does not support OEM CD/DVD changer  

4. The product does not support OEM SiriusXM

5. For most models requires the Fiber Optic Adapter. (fiber optic - is orange or green double plastic tube which is between head unit and OEM amplifier). 

- If you wish to save an OEM amp then you will need to buy an Optic Fiber Convertor.

- If you don't need an OEM amp/ or it's broken - you can run new speaker wires from the new head unit to each speaker. In this case you will lost only OEM sub. 2/4 Ohm

- If you wish to install an aftermarket amp, then ok, the new head unit has everything for that (audio outputs/power control etc.)    

6. Most models require the extension kit (radio wire antenna etc.). Please take 10 min to take off the radio / or with other ways check it. The radio and sound amplifier are in the trunk.      


Tel: +1 323 940-9009

Los Angeles, CA